About Topfivemum

Hello and bonjour

I’m Ruth, wife to Frenchie and mum to Gabriella and Raphaël, who were born just 18 months apart.  Originally from Durham in the north east (me) and Burgundy (Frenchie), leafy Teddington in South West London is the place we’re lucky enough to call home.  Having met my hubby at uni in France, we’ve always spoken a bit of Franglais, but since the arrival of Gabriella we decided to bring up our kids speaking only French at home. I can only hope they’ll forgive me one day for bringing them up with a French Geordie accent…
A comms and content strategist with a newfound love of photography, I’ve temporarily traded in my day job heading up a busy social media and content team for the much busier job of looking after two under two on maternity leave. My blog is my little way of combining my passion for both my day job and my mum job, while carving out a bit of me-time whenever they’re asleep (i.e. not often).
G and R My daughter, Gabriella with Raphaël

Welcome to Topfivemum

I’ve created Topfivemum as a way to connect with other parents, carers and childcare experts. I believe everyone has a ‘top five’ list to share – from advice on preparing for pregnancy and birth, to getting your toddler to eat or sleep, or simply finding ways to balance work, play and motherhood.  I’ll be sharing some of my own experiences, but I’d love to feature other parents and experts, so please get in touch if you’d like to share your top five moments, musings or must-haves, whatever they may be.

The Top Five things in my life right now

1) ‘Holly & Sue’

They come as a double act according to my daughter. One of my best friends and her four-year-old daughter are keeping me sane and cooled off in the summer months with paddling pools and ice creams. She also has a Gin Palace in her garden. We all need friends like these.

2) Synchronised naps 

I’ve just come out of the newborn phase where I seemed to do nothing but feed my very hungry baby. He seems to have finally settled into a bit of a pattern and naps almost at the same time as his sister. I now have enough time to blog wash the dishes and have half a coffee.

3) Instagram

This has recently overtaken Pinterest as my favourite social site. Not only do I love a good nosy about at all that eye candy, I’m learning so much about how it can work for small businesses, bloggers and brands. Ok, so I may have bought a few gorgeous outfits from there – the dangerous part of the synchronised nap – but hey, it’s important we all do our bit to support small businesses, right?

4) Swanning-around Fridays

Gabriella is in nursery on a Friday so it’s just me and Raphaël. It’s the day I get all my chores done meet friends for coffee, leisurely stroll around the shops and pretend I’m on my first maternity leave all over again. It’s the ‘no-double-buggy’ day, the ‘no rushing back for naps’ day. Heck, it’s even the ‘go to the loo on my own’ day. Raphaël, on the other hand, isn’t looking that little these days (bless his 95th percentile cotton socks). I have a feeling these easy swanning-around days are numbered.


me with kids and sling

This is a donkey Topfivemum, carrying two kids most days

5) Gin and cheese sandwiches (not both in the same sandwich, although that may be a time saver…)

Since having our second baby, we’ve never drank as much beer (Frenchie) and gin (me). By the time the kids are both tucked up in bed, it’s nearly our own bedtime. I’ve neither the desire nor energy to cook anything, let alone wash up after I’ve spent all day rinsing out bottles and discarded toddler food. For now, cheese sandwiches it is. Good job Frenchie likes cheese, isn’t it? Maybe I should start making more of an effort now Raphaël is sleeping through the night. If Frenchie plays his cards right, I may just treat him one night and whack a Camembert in a bun… 

What are your top five?

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