Living Arrows 7/52 {2017}

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Kahlil Gibran

Welcome to another week of Living Arrows – the marvellous weekly photo community set up by Donna Wishart at What The Redhead Said. What better way to capture a week in the life of our children?

The fact there’s just an 18 month age gap between Choupie and Petit Pudding has been full on, but it seems we’ve recently reached another milestone. The first was when Choupie turned two, when I no longer had to worry so much about her scarpering off in the playground. And now that Petit Pudding is nine months, with his own developing humour, sweet nature and ability to move (a bit), it feels like we’ve just reached another. It’s actually starting to feel like there was method to our madness in having two so close together.

Choupie asks for her brother the moment she wakes up and they’ve taken to getting in the cot together for a play. Just look at their cheeky faces dancing along to Five little moneys jumping on the bed. They KNOW they are up to some bêtises.

2 little monkeys

Our two little monkeys jumping on the bed

Petit Pudding 

He’s as happy as Larry now that he can stand up and he’s made his first few attempts to move, but isn’t quite there yet. I give him to the end of next week and he’ll be off. He’s now inherited his sister’s baby walker so is already getting the hang of moving his little legs.

Petit Pudding standing up

Look at me! I can stand up!


She’s always hated having something in her hair (hair that’s taking FOREVER to grow and is growing upwards and outwards rather than down). So you can imagine our surprise when she rocked up sporting this ribbon in her hair when we said we’d like to take her picture. Toddlers do the funniest things sometimes.

Choupie hair accessory

Looking ever so polished and serious for her photo shoot with papa

I love our moments goofing around. Simple pleasures. What are yours?

Living Arrows

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